Most of us in the U.S. are not officially quarantined, but we are practicing social distancing right now, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, maybe you’re looking for ideas on what to do? Journaling and crafts are two terrific activities for when you’re stuck at home and I’ll write up how to do them using materials you have on hand.

Historians are saying, right now, on twitter, that we should all be documenting our experiences with the pandemic. For future historians, they said, but maybe for your grandkids too. Things are moving fast, if we don’t write down our impressions now, we’ll forget.

You probably are writing things down on social media and texts – if you’re not feeling like a journal-er, you could copy and paste some of those posts into a Word or Google doc.

This is a great writing activity for kids, but really, it’s valuable for all ages. Use an online tool, a composition notebook, anything, the important thing is to get your thoughts and feelings down. (Oh, the historians prefer it in your own handwriting, just letting you know.)

Crafts You Can Do with Things You Have at Home

Even if your crafts closet isn’t stocked, you probably have paper, wax paper, flour and salt, right? You could use the paper to make origami or kirigami, the wax paper to make origami window stars and the flour and salt to make salt dough.

Take Up Art Journaling

Getting Started with Creative Sketchbooking

with links to free eCourses and more.

Learn an Easy Way to Draw Mandalas Using Free Printable Guide Paper

More about mandalas, including links to more resources, how to draw your own guide circles and more.

Make a Tiny Doll Suitcase Using an Altoids Smalls Tin

Go on a Photo Safari

Going on a walk can make you feel like you’ve been somewhere, at least. If you like a walk with a bit of a purpose, make it a photo walk.

Origami Window Stars

While you could make these with wax paper in a pinch, it works better with the official translucent origami paper, you can order it online, all the info. is in the blog post at the link.

Take up Quilting

Now might be the perfect time to do all those things you’ve been meaning to do or try, but just haven’t had the time. While normally we might plan (dare I say overplan?) a quilting project and hunt for the perfect fabrics, why not try quilting using whatever we have on hand? Maybe you’ve got a bag of clothes that was on its way to the thrift store? Or a closet you’ve been meaning to sort through?

You can deconstruct clothes (that just means cut off the sleeves and bits until you’ve got flat fabric) and presto, you’re ready to start quilting!

Download a free or paid pattern, or follow the concepts in Sherri Lynn Woods book, Improv Quilting. If you’ve got a needle and thread, iron and ironing board, you can do this! Somehow our ancestors managed to do it without expensive sewing machines and fancy rulers and rotary cutters. I bet we can too!

Why Crafts are the Perfect Way to Pass the Time

Making crafts is a delightful way to pass the time, and studies show that it takes 23 minutes to get into a flow state. A creative flow state is one where you don’t notice the passing of time, so perfect for if you or you and your kids are stuck and home and already stick of TV!

You could also enjoy an audio book or podcasts while cutting, folding and sewing, on your own, or with kids!  Hope you have fun!