Participant with Map at Woman Made Gallery's 20 Neighborhoods Project

Participant with Map at Woman Made Gallery’s 20 Neighborhoods Project

It’s only the day after Christmas, but it’s never too soon to make goals and post them publicly, I always say.

This year (2015) has been all about learning, taking classes, reading books, listening to podcasts and getting my art out in the world. I also did my first two public engagement art projects.

Where am I going in 2016?

On the road, reflection in truck, photo copyright Elaine Luther 2015

On the road, reflection in truck, photo copyright Elaine Luther 2015

More of the same! More travel, more public engagement art, more gallery shows, more teaching at libraries and in health care settings.

I’ve written an exhibition proposal and this week will be sending that off to a number of galleries, with the goal of booking two to three solo shows to be held over the next two years.

In 2016, in a health care center, I’ll be teaching needle felting and Random Acts of Kindness Art. For two locations of the Chicago Public Library, I’ll be teaching Activist T-shirts.

A new opportunity will be curating a gallery show!

Healthy Habits and Support
This year, at long last, I began to exercise regularly. I’ve also added a daily sketchbook/journal practice. In 2016, I will continue my daily creative practice, my weekly exercise habit, with the goal of hitting 5x a week.

While one of my favorite support groups, Berwyn Makers, came to an end, a new art accountability buddy partnership has come together and is working really well for both of us. Actually, I’ve got two of those. Support makes all the difference, I recommend it highly.

And that’s about it. My big picture goals are to keep going with everything that’s working, to keep giving speeches, to keep teaching a little, while focusing primarily on my studio art practice and stretch and grow by curating a show and proposing a solo show that brings together two different bodies of work.

How about you? If any of you are artist-bloggers and have publicly posted your goals, please put a link in the comments! Or just write your goals in the comments! Conversation in this space is always welcome!