Women’s History Month 2014
Local Women in the Arts: Exhibits at Chicago Public Libraries

My exhibit at the West Englewood Branch Library is one of many this month throughout the CPL system. My goal is to see them all, we’ll see if I manage! I’ll take pictures and post them here.

Hidden and yet Bidden: Masks and Portraiture by Lea Atiq
Lincoln Belmont Branch
1659 W. Melrose Street, 60657
March 1-31, 2014

Inara Cedrins: Paintings on Hand-made Paper
North Pulaski Branch
4300 W. North Avenue, 60639
March 1-31, 2014

Inara Cedrins: Poetic Prints
Harold Washington Library Center
8th Floor North Wall, Upright & Flat Cases
400 S. State Street, 60605
March 1 – April 11, 2014

The Pullman Labor Strike of 1894: Paintings by Astrid Fuller
West Pullman Branch
830 W. 119th Street, 60643
March 1-31, 2014

Intersections: Prints by Hannah Ireland and Jennifer Rich
Bezazian Branch
1226 W. Ainslie Street, 60640
March 1 to May 3

Transitory Matter: Works on Paper by Hannah Ireland
Harold Washington Library Center
North Flat Exhibit Cases
400 S. State Street, 60605
March 1 – April 11, 2014

Study of Light – Motion & Reflection: Paintings by Brandy Kraft
Wrightwood Ashburn Branch
8530 S. Kedzie Avenue, 60652
March 1-31, 2014

Jill Kuanfung: Climbing the Tree: Unearthing a Mixed Race Family History through Portraiture
Humboldt Park Branch
1605 N. Troy Street, 60647
March 1-31, 2014

Urban Fairytales: Photographs by Marie Laigneau
Rogers Park Branch
6907 N. Clark Street, 60626
March 1-31, 2014

Verging Line: Weavings & Textiles by Melissa Leandro
Sulzer Regional Library
4455 N. Lincoln Avenue, 60625
March 1-31, 2014

A Full Taste of Happiness: Installation by Laurie LeBreton
West Lawn Branch
4020 W. 63rd Street, 60629
March 1-31, 2014

Carol Luc Paintings: Spaces in Transition
Roden Branch
6083 N. Northwest Highway, 60631
March 1-31, 2014

Our Ladies of Perpetual Housework, Assemblage Sculpture by Elaine Luther
West Englewood Branch
1745 W. 63rd Street, 60636
March 1-31, 2014

dian sourelis: stories
Walker Branch
11071 S. Hoyne Avenue, 60643
March 1-31, 2014

This is not the Mountains, this is the Ocean:
Photo-collage by Jessie and Rachel Winslow

Lincoln Park Branch
1150 W. Fullerton Avenue, 60614
March 1-31, 2014