I’m entering a show with the theme of “home” and I have so many works to choose from! As it happens, I’ve recently been making small houses. But let’s go back to the beginning.

Here’s my first art piece in the shape of a house, made in 1997:

Move Out to the Barn Lee Krasner” Copyright Elaine Luther 1997

This is welded steel (I welded it) and the roof is made of copper tiles that I cut out, soldered on and then heat colored. It’s sitting on a hand beaded cloth.

I wrote a blog post about it, here.

More recently, Button House/Our Lady of Perpetual Frugality is part of the Our Ladies of Perpetual Housework series. (The Our Ladies will be on display for the month of May at the Orland Park Public Library, here in the Chicago area).

"Button House, Our Lady of Perpetual Frugality" Copyright Elaine Luther 2015. All rights reserved.

Copyright Elaine Luther 2015. All rights reserved.

Detail images:

Button House Copyright Elaine Luther 2015

Button House/Our Lady of Perpetual Frugality Copyright Elaine Luther 2015

And all the other Our Ladies, which are about hating housework, could also fit with the theme of home. They are about housework, dishes, cooking, laundry, driving, beauty, homework and more.

Here’s a very recent piece, with tiny houses on it (I’ve been working a lot with game pieces and small toys in the past year).

Three Little Houses, Copyright Elaine Luther 2016

and a detail, so you can see the little houses:

Three Little Houses (detail), Copyright Elaine Luther 2016

This piece, below, is in the current show Property, at Roman Susan Gallery in Chicago, and combines my interest in history, using the photos the Rogers Park Historical Society released as Creative Commons, with my interest in the domestic.

Little Houses by Elaine Luther, Copyright 2017

and there are more! Still in the works, that I’m so excited about, but that I can’t show you yet! Stay tuned, I’ll post pictures on the blog soon!

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